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Joint & Spinal Steroid Injection

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Brad S. Bootstaylor, MD​

Joint & Spinal Steroid Injection

Ultrasound guidance can be used for performing soft-tissue, joint, and epidural steroid injections (ESI) effectively in the treatment of joint and back pain. Utilizing ultrasound technology ensure medication can be injected directly into the area where the pain is located. Blindly injecting medication is eliminated. Thereby we can more provide more effectively treatment because the medication (e.g., corticosteroid), is placed exactly where it’s needed.
The shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle joints are readily accessible with Ultrasound which is readily available. Additionally, Dr. Bootstaylor extensive clinical experience using Ultrasound, the Epidural Steroid Injection(ESI) can be safely performed in the office setting.

Another benefit of Ultrasound guided injection is that there is no exposure to radiation, that is typically associated with Fluoroscopy (C-arm).

Patient satisfaction and their response to treatment using Ultrasound guided injection is extremely favorable. In my clinical experience approximately 70 – 80% of patients report significant pain relief with 1 procedure (injection).